How the quarantine reunited me with a band that I loved

Steven Page and Ed Robertson, frontmen for Barenaked Ladies. By Jesse Brooks Quarantining for COVID-19 can get pretty weird and it can lead to some pleasant surprises even in the darkest of times. I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole the other day and basically was reminded of how great the Barenaked Ladies are as... Continue Reading →

Hwy. 51 Revisited: Greenwood, Mississippi

IMMORTAL- One of the three alleged gravesites for bluesman Robert Johnson in near Greenwood in Money, Mississippi. Photo by Jesse Brooks. By Jesse Brooks For the next two weeks, we will explore two visits that serve as side trips accessible from Highway 51: Greenwood and Oxford, Mississippi. Our first side trip, a route west of... Continue Reading →

Hwy. 51 Revisited: Granada, Mississippi

By Jesse Brooks As Highway 51 approaches Highway 8, the route faces a crossroads again. Grenada, Mississippi. There’s a town square with local businesses sitting all in a neatly kept row. The further down the highway we go, the scene begins to look familiar. So, why come to Grenada? The answer may be the water.... Continue Reading →

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