Changes: A New Orleans songwriter starts making music again

CHANGES- New Orleans songwriter Rel returns and shares demos of new music days before a performance at The Starlight on St. Louis Street Thursday at 8 p.m.

New Orleans songwriter Rel Myers has released a demo of a new song called “Changes” on SoundCloud in anticipation of her first public performance in a few years on Thursday, Dec. 12 at The Starlight on St. Louis Street in the back end of the French Quarter.

“I have some new material to perform for everyone, as well as a couple older songs that I wrote when I was still playing with a full band,” Rel said.

Rel said that Thursday marks a return to the scene for her. It’s the only performance on her schedule as of now but she said that she plans on performing around the city soon. In the meantime, she’s working on an EP in the studio.

“The show was kind of last-minute booking,” Rel said. “A few people know I’ve been thinking about getting back into the music scene and Jesse Brooks & The Living Past asked me if I’d like to open their show on Thursday with a short set. I’m excited about getting back out there again.”

Earlier this year, Rel flew to San Francisco to see Meg and Dia, her favorite band, play during their reunion tour. One of the opening bands, New Dialogue, ended up pulling her on stage to sing a cover song with them. That was the moment that she knew she had to be a performing artist again.

“Being on that stage in front of a sold-out crowd and singing my lungs out was the most awesome feeling,” she said. “It rekindled my love for performing. 2019 has been the most complicated year of my life, especially as far as relationships go. I’ve found inspiration in the things that I went through this year. I’ve written so many songs that never saw the light of day. Now the goal is to record as much material as I possibly can.”

Rel’s roots as a songwriter date back to over 10 years ago when she temporarily lived in the Houston area. She got an acoustic guitar at the age of 15 and taught herself how to play. Years later she began playing songs at open mics with her high school friends that were into indie and emo rock.

When she moved back home to the Crescent City she had a brief stint fronting a band called The Heartbreak Therapy before putting music dreams on hold due to complications within the lineup.

Rel is hoping that stepping out on her own will make her in control of her own destiny.

“At this point, I just want to express myself and see what happens,” she said. “I’ve got new songs so I can’t wait to put them out there!”

Take a listen to Rel’s self-release “Changes” in the player below.


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