Westbank Wonders: New breakfast spot in Algiers is the start of a great day

2019-03-23 14.24.46-2
BEAUTIFUL MORNING- Chicken and Waffles from Freddie’s Chicken ‘n Waffles in Algiers. Photo by Marielle Songy.

By Marielle Songy

Leslie Knope: “Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”
Ron Swanson: “People are idiots, Leslie.”

It’s this exchange from Parks and Rec that sums up my feelings about breakfast perfectly. When done right, breakfast is the perfect meal- something sweet, something savory, a caffeinated beverage (maybe some liquor, if you’re feeling feisty)- what more could you want in the world? Unfortunately, my area seems to be lacking in decent and affordable breakfast options. I have often gone on about the magic that is Waffle House; hey, throw some breakfast food on a plate and I’m pretty happy, no matter the quality. However, I’ve always wanted something more and when I heard an actual chicken and waffles restaurant was opening in my neck of the woods, I couldn’t get over there fast enough.

There’s something magical about delicious juicy fried chicken paired with sweet waffles and it all just makes my heart skip a beat. Normally, I never even think to dip chicken in maple syrup, but you really have no other choice when it’s all RIGHT THERE ready for the dipping. And, as it turns out, maple syrup is the perfect addition to fried chicken. Whoever came up with that combination must be some sort of culinary genius. Okay, I am getting way ahead of myself.

2019-03-23 13.17.08

Freddie’s Chicken ‘n Waffles, located at 3518 Kabel Dr. in Algiers, first popped up on my radar when I just happened to be doing an online search for breakfast (as you do). Not only is this spot a breakfast joint, but they have salads and po’boys, on the off chance that lunch is more your thing. Since I’m not super aware of any other restaurant on the Westbank that does “legit” chicken and waffles, I was excited to see what Freddie’s had to offer.

2019-03-23 14.25.55

When I stopped in, the first thing that made an impression of me was the wide open seating area and all of the light pouring in through the windows. I know this seems like an odd mention, but being able to see the outside world is something I enjoy at a restaurant. My coffee was served in a “Make Today Awesome” mug and there was New Orleans jazz playing over the stereo and the combination of both just put me in an immediate good mood. On to the food- I ordered the blueberry waffles with fried chicken and, what the heck, let’s throw in a side of grits. When my food arrived, you really could have knocked me over, because there was so much of it that I barely knew where to start.

For $11 I got 4 really big pieces of juicy, fried, white meat chicken and 4 waffle wedges and maple syrup came on the side for dipping (or pouring). I loved that the chicken was fried to golden perfection and it was tender, crispy, and juicy. The waffles were thick and fluffy and the blueberry flavor was tasty without being too sweet or overwhelming. For $3, my side of grits was huge and I really liked them as well- the savory taste of the chicken and the grits balanced out the waffles well and it made for a perfect breakfast/brunch/lunch. If chicken and waffles aren’t your thing (not judging… but, kind of judging) they have other breakfast goodies such as omelets, pancakes, French toast, seafood and grits and a wide variety of eggs Benedict of all kinds. They also have sausage, bacon, ham, and steak for the meat lovers and they even have vegan options for those that tend to go for the healthier end of things. No matter what you crave, it’s safe to say that Freddie’s has you covered.

2019-03-23 12.40.22

As for the staff, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and made sure that I had everything that I needed and that I was enjoying everything. I also really appreciated that owner Daniel Brown took a moment to come over and make sure that everything was to my liking. Heck, even the lovely man who made all of this magic happen popped out of the kitchen to check in and make sure I liked all of it!

This spot takes cash and cards, so don’t be afraid to break out the plastic. Freddie’s also does a prolific take-out and delivery business, for those of us who are maybe a little too busy to sit down and enjoy a yummy breakfast or lunch. I can definitely see myself taking advantage of this feature in the future.

I am so excited that a spot like this has settled into Algiers. They have only been open about a month, and I’m sure once word gets out this will be the place to be. Hours are Sunday through Saturday 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. The restaurant can be reached at 504-827-1688 and you can order delivery through Postmates, GrubHub, Seamless and Doordash.

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