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proJesse Brooks- Founder/Editor
Originally from St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, has experience in print and digital media for over a decade. In 2016, Brooks won six individual awards from the Louisiana Press Association, including two first place awards (Best Sports Story and Best Sports Column). Since then, he has been featured in several magazines in the New Orleans area in both print and digital platforms.

Twitter- @jessecbrooks
Instagram- jessecbrooks



Matthew Roy- Photographer/Writer
A native of Independence, Louisiana, Roy is a seasoned vet of print media and became a Louisiana Press Association award-winning photographer in 2016. Roy specializes in action photography and is an avid motocross enthusiast.

Twitter- @MatthewCRoy
Instagram- MatthewCRoy32



Jeremy Rhodes- Writer/Videographer/Producer
Rhodes is currently a resident of Hammond, Louisiana and recent graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. He works as a videographer out of Baton Rouge and shares a strong passion for food and local culture. In his spare time, Rhodes writes about his experiences of his favorite local haunts.

Instagram- @Jeremy_Rhodes


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